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Heat Resistant Manikin

In addition to our Flammable Manikin we offer a series of heat resistant Rescue Manikins in various sizes. These manikins are designed for rescue training in fire houses in radiant tempe-ratures up to 1200º F.

The following executions are for the choice

Part No. 1611200

Model Baby

Weight 5 kg

Size 50 cm

Part No. 1611356

Model Adolescent

Weight 20kg

Size 120 cm

Part No. 1611338

Model Adult I

Weight 20 kg

Size 160 cm

Part No. 1611335

Model Adult II

Weight 50 kg

Size 160 cm

Part No. 1611334

Model Adult III

Weight 70 kg

Size 170 cm

Special weightings are also possible for it.